My Journey


Having this cancer was tough on my family and me.

It completely isolated me from everyone and we stopped spending time together while I was in treatment.

I missed being home or seeing my father and brothers more often, but I always looked on the bright side of it all.

They come to visit or stay for a while, and we would always get to see some cool things during my treatment.

So it wasn’t all bad.



The story of the journey,
I am on,
At least I know,
I’m not alone!
It’s a journey full of hurdles and tears,
But in the end,
It’s over with smiles and cheers!
Sometimes there’s a storm,
But It doesn’t last forever,
The rain always stops,
And gives way to good weather!
Though it wears down my mind,
body and soul,
Still It will never makes me fall!
I will always come back strong
And somehow learn how to stand tall!
As the journey goes on,
And I approach a new year!
Walking on the same tracks,
Leaving behind all what I used to fear!


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