The story of the journey, I am on, at least I know, I’m not alone. It’s a journey full of hurdles and tears. But in the end, It’s over with smiles and cheers!


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About the book

The story of the journey,
I am on,
At least I know,
I’m not alone!
It’s a journey full of hurdles and tears,
But in the end,
It’s over with smiles and cheers!
Sometimes there’s a storm,
But It doesn’t last forever,
The rain always stops,
And gives way to good weather!
Though it wears down my mind,
body and soul,
Still It will never makes me fall!
I will always come back strong
And somehow learn how to stand tall!
As the journey goes on,
And I approach a new year!
Walking on the same tracks,
Leaving behind all what I used to fear!

About Michell Richards

I’ve had the real pleasure of knowing Mitchell over many years. Unfortunately, these years have been the most difficult years of his young life due to his ongoing battle with brain cancer. During this time, I have seen Mitchell face many challenges and was always inspired by his very practical and considered approach to finding happiness. Rather than focus on the things he could not change, he chose to treat the present as a gift and focus on the simple things that made him happy, such as reading, building electronics, connecting with people and animals, or even going for a walk. He chose to look at the positives and what he could gain from the experience. He set achievable goals so he could get some wins and that allowed him to always have a “what’s next” attitude. An impressive outlook, considering many people search for decades in pursuit of happiness.

This book is his story, with its ups and downs, twists and turns and the rocky road along the way. It’s an inspirational story that lets us know that in every situation there can always be some good outcomes depending on your approach. However, it also evokes a sense of urgency in finding new and effective brain cancer treatments so people like Mitchell can be cured of this debilitating disease. Brain cancer is still the biggest cause of paediatric and adolescent death due to disease, and ongoing research is critical to giving these children and teenagers better outcomes. Mitchell was pleased to be enrolled in a clinical trial of a new medication. This was not just for the possible benefit to himself, but also that it may help others in the future. Unfortunately, this medication was not successful in curing him of his disease but it is yet another step towards finding something that may work. As we enter an era of more personalised medicine in combination with current best practice, we remain confident that a breakthrough is imminent.

Dr. Rick Walker
Oncology Specialist

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